Saturday, December 25, 2010

Candle light / decorating the Christmas tree

If you haven't planned on it, it's not too late. Lit candles on the Christmas tree are remarkably lovely. Years ago I read In Praise of Shadows, but it wasn't until we used candles that the drastic difference in ambiance between fire and electricity came home.

A good comparison of the difference between electric tree lights and burning wax tree candles is think of the difference between those tacky electric votive candles and actual candles.

The best trees, (because of the necessary vertical spacing of the branches for the candles so as to prevent the candles burning the tree limbs above), are those that grow naturally in the forest with strong, vertically spaced branches. But in a pinch, you can cut out most the branches of the ones sold at the local tree stand.

Fortunately for us, the forest service set aside areas for christmass trees are in the lodgepole forests, which is a nasty trick for those who want the modern traditional thickly branched tree, but perfect for lit candle purposes.

Expect the candles to last about one hour at most, so buy lots if you plan on singing christmass songs each night during christmass tide. You can buy them online, and even buy bees wax ones.

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