Monday, December 27, 2010

Nursing babies. It's not sexual, but why do most women act like it is?

Nor was it seen as sexual culturally by Catholics through the ages which is why we find through the ages painting of Mary nursing the Baby Jesus.

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Now compare those paintings to the spectacles women typically make of themselves by covering themselves in tents of fabric from fear of the inadvertent glimpse of their breast while nursing, we would be far better off if we ceased to see nursing as sexual. Because it just isn't.

The sexualization of breastfeeding is simply another sign of our removal from a Catholic understanding of man and God's creation

Further, as with all errors, an error in the beginning leads to further and greater errors. So it is with sexualizing breastfeeding because the sexualizing is one of the primary causes of women not naturally spacing their children as God intended. An error which leads to the further error of improperly using NFP as if it should be the ordinary means of spacing children, whereas NFP is the extraordinary means of spacing children And with that error we end up with the further error of the Cult of NFP

The following painting of the miraculous lactation of St Bernard is useful because it jars modern Catholic sensibilities, and by jarring those sensibilities tells us that we are the ones removed from a traditional, from a natural, from God's intended understanding of breastfeeding.



And just wondering :

A question for those of you who think breast feeding is sexual.

And in turn throw tissy fits whenever you see some women, (especially someone you're related to), nursing her baby with breast exposed as God intended.

Why don't you care one way or the other when you see a baby 'nursing' on a fake breast nipple? Because I'm pretty sure you would more than care if someone pulled out some fake body shaped toy from the local sex shop and exposed that for public inspection.

Why are fake breast nipples ok? But seeing less of a mother's breast than typically exposed by virtually every swimming suite on the market is too much exposure?

In fact some swimsuits are little different than what a stripper wears, but the more offending party is a mother nursing her child.

btw, this post probably gets more hits than the rest of my posts combined.

Sex Sells.

Even when the title of the post specifically says you won't find anything sexual here.

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