Saturday, November 10, 2012

The guide for boys wanting to be accepted into the all girls college because that's where the babes are.

In other words, how to take advantage of the new changes in society.

When I was in highschool I wanted to either go to an all girls college or the top party school in the country because what was college for if not the babes?

So I ended up in Boulder, which was ok. But not nearly as good as the all girls college would have been, but since they didn't accept boys back then, I settled for what I could get.

But times have changed and there is a way to now be accepted into an all girls college.

The problem :
Only transgender boys are being accepted, and transgender boys are supposed to be attracted to other boys.

The solution :
All you have to do is claim to be a transgender cross-dressing lesbian and you can have all the babes you want because you're a biological boy who thinks he is a girl who thinks she is a boy and dresses like a boy, which in turn makes you indistinguishable from any other guy in looks and attraction, which is what you want to be, only better because now you're in the midst of babe land.



After reading this some may wonder why I left Boulder for Thomas Aquinas College. I was following a babe.

And I had also read, Christopher Derricks short book Escape From Scepticism : Liberal Arts as if Truth Mattered and I wanted what the book said I could find.

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  1. St. Christina '64September 16, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    What a noble experiment you propose! Here this school goes off the deep end and thinks that boys who say they are girls indeed then become girls, hoping perhaps to attract a whole slew of such weirdos. And you then engage in a process of "holy subversion." How self-sacrificial! What a benefactor to humanity you will be! It won't just be any old pope who gets canonized!