Monday, September 30, 2013

My marketing strategy for designing Catholic church architecture

I've decided to aggressively expand my design into church architecture.

Because, as others may have noticed, while secular architecture is often very good, the same cannot be said of Catholic church architecture. In fact, the field of Catholic church architecture is so abysmally poor as to be simply beyond pathetic. And so I've decided to help out the cause by throwing my hat into the sanctuary, so to speak.

But my problem is : how do I advertise so as to let traditionalists know I'm hip on the new movements in Traditionalist Church Design?

How do I get my name out there in a way so as to let everyone know that I don't intend to design the same trite nonsense that is now being built. And yes, this is a commentary on the local FSSP parish church which broke new grounds recently by building the first ever wreckovation style church designed by traditionalists for a traditionalist liturgy.

Well, anyway, the problem is how to get my name out there in a way to attract traditionalists so as to persuade them to let me be the one to design their churches? As you will note, I didn't design our local FSSP parish church. And given the cutting edge wreckovation style design they did build, it's rather apparent that I was overlooked because they just didn't think I was edgy enough.

Well truth be told, I am the edge.

For example :
LoHi townhouse front elevation

But how to let traditionalists know?

And so what I've decided to do is to look to the my local parish FSSP for inspiration and have decided as a result to follow their postmodernist lead into the brave new world of babe body advertising But with a twist, as opposed to using secular school girls to market my product to get my name out, I'm going to instead use Catholic school girls in uniforms, because what says traditionalist wreckovation style architecture better than having one's name printed just above the knee of a Catholic coed in a school uniform?

It's traditionalist edgy with just a hint of scandal. Perfect.

I think I have a solution, but I would very much welcome others to comment on my new marketing strategy, and if you think it will be successful.


  1. This blog has a nice list of prayerful places in New York City, Your post reminded me of it.

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