Thursday, May 31, 2012

Religious freedom in society is an illusion.

Every society by nature has a dominant religion that governs society.

A society may tolerate a different religion because it sees that other religion as sufficiently benign, but it will not tolerate what it considers harmful to the common good of society.

A Catholic society would allow unbelievers to practice their religion, but it would not allow them to proselytize because conversion to a false religion is harmful to the primary reasons for society to exist.

Looking at america as a whole, a strange unnatural creature that is at the same time a consolidated leviathan as well as a mass of individuals:

A number of societies can exist in a confederacy that imitates society, but a confederacy is not a sovereign society, even if each of the sovereign societies that compose the confederacy bow to the dictates of the confederacy.

The authority remains in each sovereign society even if each does not recognize its own sovereignty.

Another imitation of society is a mutual agreement among men to live in a confederacy of individuals. This is what the democratic U.S. is. Each man is understood to be some kind of sovereign who is under obligation to the dictates of the whole under a social compact.

Of course, each man is not sovereign, and social compacts are an illusion. But because the social compact is thought to be true and acted on as if it was true, what has occurred in the U.S. as a result is a social structure which imitates a social compact where the preeminent governing principles are freedom and equality.

And because the governing principles are not ordered to forming a society, but are instead aimed at protecting individuals from intrusion by government, what has occurred is social arrangement with very little cohesiveness natural to society.

Because man is by nature social, men will naturally seek out society to live in, and so what has occurred in the US is that men have formed innumerable small quasi societies.

What is currently mistaken for religious oppression in society is really nothing more than an attempt by one quasi society to dominate other quasi societies and individuals in the confederacy. What we are observing is the natural impetus to form an actual existing society, What we are observing is not any different than the right to life movement pushing for laws against abortion because we too desire to form the confederacy into our image.

In an actual existing society there would not be the push and pull of competing disparate factions because a society is by nature an organic whole with understood right action where there is mutual agreement on the moral law and traditions.

In an actual existing society there would not be agitation for homosexual marriage because there would be instead a mutual agreement to what is proper to marriage. Which in turn doesn't mean that an actual existing society would have a correct understanding of marriage, but that there would be mutual agreement.

Some will say the US has traditions and a moral law, but what the US has are vestiges of what was common to western society intermixed with the enlightenment. Modern american moral law is don't run red lights and politely look the other way when our neighbor does some act we consider morally repugnant. Modern american tradition are mass media driven variations of consumerism.

Consumerism and simple agreements how to implement and use mechanical devises is not sufficient for the formation of society. Society is grounded not in religious freedom, but in religious uniformity.
more to come.

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