Sunday, January 16, 2011

The War Against Boys :

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How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men Is a book that comes to mind when considering how mass media and its advertising is reshaping American society, because of the similar reshaping of our boys to first use their emotions when making choices to where we're becoming a society which makes its choices grounded not on reason, but on the passions.

Parents who have sons who are real boys who haven't bent been turning into daycare pansies or some variation thereof know well from first hand experience how the lines are drawn. Schools, sports teams, you name it are all now oriented towards a feminization of our sons.

And to some extent it's not as if those institutions even try to do it, it simply happens to be the nature of the beast. The institutions are are by nature structured in a manner that suppresses boys and they are also invariably ran by women. And now, ran by women who have been indoctrinated into thinking that boys who act like boys need to be shot up with drugs because they's a problem with them.

We can also see it within society at large where both modern private and public institutions are feminine in their structure.

Similarly, Jeff Culbreath considers another aspect of modern society and how it's likewise leading boys to where they will no longer first use their reason, but will as St. Paul writes in Romans 1 be given over to their passions.

A giving over where the preeminent 'virtue' of modern society is to be rich enough to commit any sin we like with impunity which is to reverse the natural order and turn vice into a virtue.

Which is also what the above all have in common, they're all a disordering of the natural order.

And of the various disorders, some disorders are more obvious than others. Such as, it's obvious to us that feminizing boys is wrong, or its correlative sending girls into combat is wrong because its a corruption of the natural order.

But other are not so easy to see because their disordering is relative to circumstance and not a disordering of the reason with the passions.

Article on subject
The Killer Instinct

And so it goes with much of modern society, where much of what we do is not well ordered, but it's difficult to see the disorder when we're swimming in milieu, and often much more difficult to avoid that disorder even when we do see it.

But what we can do, is do our best to mitigate those disorders which we do have some control over, such as raising our boys to become men, and raising our girls to become women.

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