Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cafeteria Feasting

While Cafeteria catholics pretend to be Catholics while choosing the world, others of us are cafeteria Catholics because we're just handed the cornucopia and told to do what ever one does with cornucopias.

And being American Catholics culturally cast adrift to do as each one pleases, why not just have at it and stuff ourselves?

I just read on another blog, (which probably prefers I not name), "Happy Epiphany! It is never too late to celebrate. January is Epiphany Month!"

And while I've never heard of Epiphany month before, we can instead always celebrate Christmas. For at least a few more days depending on which tradition one chooses from the cafeteria calender.

Those who follow the Christmas octaves are out of luck, as are those who celebrate American Christmas during Advent.

But in our home we still have a bit of time left with Christmas Tide lasting twelve days and ending at the former Feast of the Circumcision.

While for others the celebration is until Candle Mass

Or just go Eastern Rite, (as any hobbit would), and do Christmas twice, as the Easterners in turn are wont to do by going total cafeteria celebrating Christmas both according to the Western and then afterward the Eastern calender.

Or just do what ever, such as by combining St. Nicholas Day and St. Lucy's day. The cafeteria is open.

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