Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homeschooling, Another bad idea.

Traditional Catholic mothers are overwhelmed as it is because they are isolated from family and friends who they can lean on to help them out, and now have added the extra burden of homeschooling to an already destructive environment.

Now read : Home schooling : the "medicinal choice"


  1. I disagree about homeschooling being a burden. It is a gift of love... and again I see the need for the community to support this instead of castigating those who chose to do so.

  2. Wonder homeschooling has not become an article of faith

  3. I'm a 20-year-plus home schooling father of nine. My wife and I have never thought of home schooling as the "normal" course, but as "medicinal". One's own culture can make withdrawing from it a moral necessity, for some or even all of one's children; this may not be true for others and their children. We are rational, social beings and a child's life (including academics) would ordinarily extend to more than his own family.

    (BTW, enjoying your blog, good friend :-)