Thursday, January 31, 2019

Just because you set up the MSM to commit defamation of character

that doesn't mean you can't sue them when they fall for the set up and defame you.

This is the real story of went down between Nathan Phillips and Nick Sandmann. It's not the fiction everyone, including you, have bought into.

The Sandmann family and Nathan Phillips were in it together from the beginning. Ted Sandmann and Nathan Phillips were schoolmates in D.C. after Nathan Phillips was adopted into white privilege where he attended the best school and received the best of all that privilege has to offer in DC.

Phillips and Sandman were in it together as a way to make loads of money by setting up the main stream media to commit defamation of character against Nick Sandmann.

It was the perfect setup.

It started out as a laughable "What If". It started out as an entertaining conversation over cocktails during a Florida vacation, and it ended up as the perfect storm.

The storm was already brewing fast and furious thanks to the main stream media's constant and unrestrained attacks on Donald Trump where no matter what he said or did, his words and deeds were always portrayed as more evil than Hitler where any association with him was portrayed as being an accomplice in his evil.

MAGA hats, (Make America Great Again), were an unmistakable association with Trump and thus an unmistakable association with Trump's evil words and deeds. The MSM had gone far down the slippery slope from the calm and circumspect days of Hilary Clinton describing MAGA hat wearers as simply 'deplorable'. Now MAGA hat wearers were being described by some as so evil that they were deserving of being burned alive. or shot.

In other words, America liberalism had become a hotbed of frothing and frenzied hate.

All that was needed was to direct that hate at the right target, get it to commit defamation of character, and then collect.

But it had to be the right target, and right people committing the defamation. Not just anyone would do. The sucker in the set up needed to have loads of cash and insurance for defamation and be in a position to commit the defamation as public as possible.

The sucker had to be the Main Stream Media. The same main stream media that caused the frenzy of hate in the first place, the irony of it was so palpable it could gnawed on in delight.

And who should be the target for the defamation? And how to set it all up so the scheme could not fail? The scheme from start to finish had to be a situation that would suck the MSM in fully. It had to be a trap the Main Stream Media could not resist and one from which it could not escape.

A MAGA hat was essential but not enough, the hat needed to be combined with other hated symbols such a White, and Male, and anti-abortion, and Catholic, and anti-immigration, and anti-Muslim, and anti-progressive everything else that could be squeezed in. And make the target rich and a capitalist. And all these symbols had to be obvious from the get go so as to use them to stir to a frothing boil a frenzy of defamation of character.

So the target the defamation would be directed at had to be in a situation where all those symbols were obvious, and preferably visibly obvious. And if the symbols of hate were not visible, then the narrative by some other means had to make them obvious and convincing.

The situation had to also be completely benign where the target could be initially portrayed in the worst possible light so as to elicit the most violent vitriol from the MSM. And it had to be in a situation where the target could afterward also be portrayed as completely innocent of any wrong doing where it would be impossible for the MSM media to defend its defamation. It had to be the perfect trap, where it would become the attorneys and the defamation insurers who would end up making the final decisions, because they always choose to settle. And settlements from a dozen major news outlets would equal loads of cash.

It was decided that a march or demonstration offered the best situation because the situation needed to be public, but it also needed to be tightly controlled. And permitted demonstrations are both public and can be tightly controlled.

By surprising and happy coincidence it was discovered while discussing possible demonstrations that Nathan Phillips was involved in an Indian demonstration that was to be held on the same day as the national right to life march. And Nick Sandmann's private Catholic School drove down to the march each year. This was a promising start. But that was as far as the discussion went, because no one could see how to use this coincidence to advantage. The marches were at different times and far apart. Nick was the obvious target, white male wearing a MAGA hat at a right to life march.

Or I should say, that is as far as the discussion went until Ted Sandmann, Nick Sandmann's father, hit upon the idea of bringing the boys, all of the boys, from the school over to the Indian march. Ted was in charge of organizing the school trip each year and so it would be easy for him to change the place of dropping off and picking up the kids to where the Indian march would be. They would make the drop-off and pick-up inside the area designated for the Indian march.

And once the boys were at the Indian march Nathan Phillips could then control the environment and narrative.

Someone would have to hand out MAGA hats to all the boys.

All that was left was to collect in one place as many hate symbols as possible that could be attached to the boys.

MAGA hat wearing rich Catholic white males at an anti-abortion march was a very good start, but piling on more could only help.

It was decided that Nathan Phillips would confront the boys singling out Nick Sandmann to make sure all the MSM vitriol went towards him.

But Nathan Phillips couldn't confront them as counter protesters because the boys would never protest Indians. And complaining that the boys were in the wrong area wasn't good enough, so there had to be a different and better excuse. And wearing MAGA hats and all the rest of the hate symbols were good, but they all lacked action. The boys needed to act violent with actually being violent. They needed to be benignly violent so that the MSM would buy into the defamation and then be forced to retract.

A reason for benign violence was needed. What was needed were the Black Israelites because they could be counted on to be loud and violent. And white MAGA hat wearing boys were the kind of meat that would without question attract them. And calling them Black Muslims would check off two more hate symbol boxes when the narrative was twisted so that the boys looked like they were the ones attacking the Black Israelites.

No one imagined the boy would start in on doing the tomahawk chop and dancing like Indians to Nathan Phillips' drum, but sometime even the small details work out to advantage.

Nathan Phillips could come to the rescue of the "Black Muslims" by playing his drum and walking right up to Nick Sandmann and just standing there looking right at him. Nathan Phillip was a professional actor and could do his part easily, but Nick was petrified at even being involved. And so his acting would be limited to just standing there acting petrified. As a rescue it didn't make the least bit of sense, but no one could come up with a rescue where Nick Sandmann would be the sure center of attention. And so Nathan Phillips would just have to sell it as best he could.

Nathan Phillips would sell the entire narrative by playing the part of the crying Indian just like in the anti-littering commercials. He would come to the rescue against the vicious MAGA hat wearing boy wanting to rip him shreds. Nathan would describe the pure evil of those boys, and cry in relief of his near escape. He would point out all the hate symbols to make sure no one missed any of them, and he would say it in way to elicit hatred towards Nick Sandmann.

The entire setup just fell together as if it was meant to be.

Everyone just sat there in amazed silence, it was if the stars had aligned just for them. It was perfect, it was almost too perfect. It was too perfect. It was way too perfect. Someone would be bound to catch on. But it didn't matter.

The MSM only needed to be slow enough to first commit defamation of character. After that all that was left was to collect the money. Because : Just because you set up the MSM to commit defamation of character doesn't mean you can't sue them when they fall for the set up and defame you.

That's the basic story.

I'm sure people will wonder if this story is true. And some will dismiss this story outright as a fabrication. But they weren't there.

Think about it. Nathan Phillips walks away from those kids a total of 10 feet and then immediately begins to give this narrative of the event which completely defies what just occurred and what can be clearly seen. He even does the crying indian routine. Only the insane would buy it. Or only those who have been prepped for it by the mass media for the last two years. And why would Nathan Phillips do it? What did he have to gain by telling such an outrageous lie that was so easily proven to be a lie? Unless it didn't matter if he lied as long as he didn't get caught until it was too late.

And too late for what? For the MSM to fall for his narrative of the events.

Or what of all the long running videos? Do people normally shoot hours on end of continuous streaming video that just happens to catch in real time Nathan Phillips walking away from Nick Sandmann and then giving the interview that set the narrative? An hours long video which seals the monetary fate of every mains stream media site that defamed Nick Sandmann? Do you think all of this just happened by chance?

Or what of the account that spread the narrative that portrayed Nick Sandmann in the worst possible light giving the narrative sure to incite vitriol and defamation? A site that just happens to feed every network virtually in real time as the event occurs? Do you also think that just happened by chance? Do you think it went viral by chance?

And what are of all those boys wearing MAGA hats? When no one else at the march was wearing them? The hats had to be passed out to the boys right before the confrontation with Nathan Phillip to make sure they were wearing the perfect hate symbol.

And just so you know, I'm not done telling the story. There were others involved, such as the Russian operatives who were involved in spreading the viral narrative that took down the MSM What I have written so far is just the bare bones basics.

But I'm done with story telling for the day. If you want more. You'll have to come back after I've filled in the truly sordid details.

Addition :

One of the sordid details I was planning on going into was the involvement of the Russians. Their part was to run the videoing operation getting the video out as a viral. Now the story just broke stealing my shocking revelation I had been holding back on.


  1. †JMJ†

    I must admit that I had similar thoughts the first time I noticed the story. A middle-aged Native American male vs. a MAGA-hat-wearing teenage boy? I couldn't have set things up better if I were the greatest PR person in the world. And sure enough . . .

    Dare I guess that even the target audiences now feel "saturated" with the Poor Demonized Teen narrative (of which each political belief system has already had several) -- and also predict that we'll have a hiatus on seeing this type portrayed as heroes or martyrs?

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